I would like to share an opinion and discuss with you all, my visitors or my loyal reader…..i would like to open a topic about people……if me, or someone near you asking….what makes you a person….please, ask yourself and what is in your mind..???? what would you say???? for me, what makes me a person is my family….now it’s your turn…

3 thoughts on “what??

  1. gw spt skrg karena smua ada semangat / spirit & karena ada yang care sm gw(ortu, temen, dosen,etc)… ga peduli org maw ngomonk apa ttg gw, yg ptg gw bs ngejalanin hdp gw apa adany yg skrg ini… hahaha^^

  2. hmmmm
    what makes me a person?! *tuing tuing*
    belum mencapai tahap sempurna pastinya :p
    it return to yourself, punya semangat hidup pastinya, family and friends arround.
    tapi yang pasti adalah what makes me a person is my self itself XD

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